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A Blog About Design, Life... and Everything in Between!

Ciao! We are Tom and MJ, and we purchased our Post-War 1950s California (in New Jersey) Split-Level home back in 2010.  Prior to the real estate bubble burst, we could only dream of living in our neighborhood, just 12 miles outside of NYC. Fate was on our side, along with a nice little government credit, and we were able to purchase our very first home.  Design2Life was first thought up when MJ was going to school for Interior Design.  Our initial idea was to share unconventional and innovative design ideas that came from our heads, and made into real life.  As time passed, and our family of two grew to a family of four (plus two cats!), the meaning changed.  Now, D2L represents "From Design to Life... And Everything in Between!"

Our Home

As for our home, it's a pretty common tale.  It sat on the market for a while, had little-to-no-charm, and the only people interested were contractors.  Along came us (and our amazing realtor) who saw the potential and we bit.  Between Tom's handy skills (he wasn't even a contractor yet!) and MJ's design knowledge, we knew we could turn this sad, neglected, "handy-man special," into something that ext and edit me. It's easy.

was truly special.  Join us on our adventures as we grow, change, develop and renovate our unique house, as well as our ever-evolving lives! 


Army Vet and all-around stand-up guy; Tom is the boy scout you want to be stranded with on a desert island.  Nicknamed "Electric Jesus," because he's been known to have "created light," there is nothing Tom cannot fix, build or possibly invent.  He's always up for a mechanical challenge (he even built a moving bedroom and magic kitchen!) Besides the military, Tom has run logistics for a custom millwork company, co-owned and ran our custom closet business, was the President and Owner of his own General Contracting business located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, and most recently, he's joined the ranks at Google as

one of their Construction Project Managers.  Tom's skill-set is key to the success of all our work, as he's done almost all the work on this house!  Between his building knowledge and abilities, this house will be unrecognizable when we are done!it me. It's easy.


Though she started out in Finance from the age of 20, MJ's passion has always been in the Arts.  As much as she's tried to deny it, she's an artist at heart.  Trying to combine both creativity and practicality, MJ received her Certificate of Interior Design, from Parsons School of Design, and embarked on a new chapter.  Along with working at Christian Dior, MJ is also the Master Cookie Baker of MJ's Custom Cookies! When she's not baking, assisting with renovations, or working her 9-5, you can find MJ dreaming up and scheming new business ideas and design plans. Design2Life is her brainchild since 2011, and she's excited to be able to finally share this exciting adventure with you.

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