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Easy DIY Paw Patrol Rubble Construction Site Cake

For my oldest son's third birthday, he wanted a Paw Patrol theme party, and he is obsessed with Rubble, simply because he is yellow. After surfing around the Internet, I found inspiration for the cake from Sensational Suga and Pinterest. I figured it wasn't difficult to make this on a sheet cake, since I didn't want a small round one.​​

Here is his finished cake!

JUST A WARNING: It looks like a lot of steps and details, but it's not. I'm just VERY detailed in my explanations, because I try to anticipate the questions people might have!


I purchased the Rubble toy for the cake here from Amazon. The other digger was one my son already owned, so if you have any other toys you want to use, go right ahead!

What you'll need: - half-sheet cake - XL-size kit kat bars - (1) pkg. Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers - various chocolate candies: choc covered

raisins, giant choc chips, reese's pb choc eggs

(easy to find this time of year) - large sturdy board to put the cake on - aluminum foil

- masking tape or similar

Prior to making all of this: Be sure to find a large, sturdy board that gives you extra room. Cover it with aluminum foil and tape it down on the back (under side), so it doesn't move on you. You can place the cake (still on the cardboard from the store) toward the top right corner, leaving you with room on the left and front of the cake to do whatever you want.

1. Ok, so first, to make life easy, I purchased a half-sheet cake from our local grocery store

(ShopRite), and asked them to just cover it in chocolate frosting (no details or anything).

2. For the fence: In the candy aisle were large packages of the XL-size Kit Kat bars. We bought 15

packs, but I think we only ended up using about 12.

3. For the dirt: blend an entire package of Nabiso Chocolate Wafer Cookies you can find in the

cracker/cookie aisle. Use a blender, because putting them in a zip lock back and just rolling

over it with a rolling pin doesn't work well. You don't get the refined crumbs you need.

4. Assembly: make sure the cake sides are smooth. You can remove any extra icing details (like

swirls) with a spatula and SAVE the icing. They added icing swirls to our cake by accident, so we

used the spatula to smooth the sides and put the extra in a bowl to use later. If you don't have

extra icing, you can just buy any kind and that should work. Line up the kit kat bars all along

the sides and back, and then leave an opening along the front.

5. Place the rubble toy anywhere you want it on the cake.

6. In the front, where the opening is, smush down the cake. You can cut out a little crater, but we

decided to just press it down to make a little decline so the icing was still on top, and the dirt

would adhere to it, and look like it was falling down the front.

7. Make a path from the vehicle with the dirty crumbs. Use a good size spoon that will give you

some control; you don't want to dump it all at once. Sprinkle the dirt in a path down the front.

If you have reserved icing, you can spread that down and around the front (on the flat

aluminum foil surface). We used the extra icing from the sides and used a spatula to spread it

thinly in the front, so the dirt had something to stick to, and covered it all in dirt. Then, we

taped down the other toy so it would stay in position, and added the rest of the dirt in front of


Instead of writing "Happy Birthday Christian" on top of the foil on the left or front of the cake, I made the little sign in power point, printed it out, cut it and taped two popsicle sticks to the back and pressed them into the cake.

Use various chocolate candies and treats to make "rubble" rock piles!

And that's really all there is!

Good luck and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! Best, MJ

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